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Vila-Romà castle

Vila-Romà castle is an historical monument in the municipality of Palamós, although it is closer to the village of Vall-llobrega, and has been declared a cultural asset of national interest. It is a fortress first documented in 1276. The name Vila-Romà comes from an ancient Roman villa which stood on the site where the castle was built.

The ruins of the Castle stand on a flat area on the southern slope of Montagut. There are still notable remains of the walls of the Castle and one circular and three rectangular towers. A wall of about 10 metres high rises up in the central section, surely what remains of the rectangular Keep tower, with an opening that must have served as a window.


Vall de Bell-Lloc and natural region of the Gavarres

The valley is located in the Gavarres mountains, next to the town of Palamós, in the county of Baix Empordà. The journey up the valley allows one to discover various sites of cultural heritage: hydraulic flour mills, Vila-Romà castle, the Bell-lloc shrine, the ice wells and the Montagut dolmen.

The Gavarres mountains, together with the Begur, constitute the northern end of the Catalan coastal mountain range. It forms a large arc that opens to the North, halfway between the counties of Girona and Baix Empordà, and covers an area of 350 square kilometres.


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